Grow Your Mo for Men's Health

The month of November has seen a huge upswing in Men's Health awareness in large part due to the Movember movement. It is the only global charity focused solely on men's health.

Fascinations carries a wide assortment of products to support men's health, such as health supplements for testosterone and sexual performance support, and even a line of grooming products so that you'll be prepared when it's time to shave that Mo at the end of Movember!




The Movember Foundation started in 2004 as an opportunity to raise awareness for cancer and men's health issues by "Growing your Mo", aka, your mustache, for a month. What started as just 30 "Mo Bros" with a fun idea in Australia quickly grew by the thousands and became an international movement. In just a few short years they have amassed a following of over 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas participating each year in support of projects and research focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.




Why Grow a Moustache for Men's Health?

The Moustache is Your Ribbon.

Grow your Mo for 30 days to declare your support and raise funds Men's Health Awareness. Take the pledge here!

Can women participate in Movember as well?

Absolutely! There is strength in numbers and by becoming a Mo Sista you can still participate in other ways, such as hosting an event or participating in the Movember Move Challenge.

What is the Move challenge?

It's whatever you make it! Run a race. Learn to rock climb. Work out in costume. Try something new, beat your own personal best, and raise funds for men's health.




Fascinations is proud to support men's health awareness.

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